You Off

Ecommerce design and social media strategy for a unique wellness space in Milan.

You Off needed an Ecommerce experience that could represent the simplicity of its physical space in a digital world. A custom booking and employees management system were some of the asked features. For this purpose I have worked closely with Cringe Studio to find the optimal solution. 

You Off considers physical and mental wellbeing as a perfect balance and the central element of our lives. It offers vigorous and dynamic movements that shape and detox the body in a beautifully designed space.

One of the core feature we worked on was the booking system which gives the opportunity to select and choose day and time of multiple appointments at the same time. The dedicate section allow the user to concentrate on the booking flow, finding all the needed information about the product in the same page.

you off booking and about

Social Media

You Off communication strategy has the brand values at its roots: nature, harmony, beauty and simplicity. The words ON and OFF are combined with different words giving the chance to talk about different topics. The images, which are used to vehicle of sensations, are graphically treated to emphasize the words meaning.

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