Freeda Media

UI design for the most engaged community focused on Millenials & GenZ.

Freeda media wished to renew the offer of its services through the creation of a new corporate website. The new website needed to reflect the newly B2B services offered by Freeda to its customers, with a particular focus on branded content and platform services.

Freeda is a media company who engages young generations around the world, with a community of 8.5m people, having a monthly reach of 140M+ people in 82 countries.

The goal was to go online quickly with a new version of the site, aligned with Freeda’s new brand guidelines, with the possibility for the internal team to be able to update the contents independently and without technical complexity. The distinction of the two offered services and the presence of video material were a central part of the brief.


freeda media home
freeda media platform screen
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