Fight the Fever

Brand identity and website for a non-profit organisation.

Fight the Fever a website as a practical tool to inspire action and be part of the fever fighters movement. The main goal was to create a visual language for both global north and south, in which the fever fighters would feel represented and informed. I have worked on this project together with Sarah Borinato.

fight the fever screens overview

Fight the Fever is an organisation that supports local strategies against Malaria. A diverse group of activists, medicals, researchers, entomologists, chemists, pharmacologists and journalists, whose shared goal is the preservation and use of indigenious knowledge and self determined health care, independent from profit margins.

The visual identity represents its focus of herb tradition, in particular of Artemisia plant, using a bright firm green, an open source incisive typeface and simple vibrant illustrations. A contemporary, simple, bold visual identity that shapes goodies, website and social media. The different contents become part of the fight the fever family with a simple, clear and human touch.

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After the definition of the visual identity, we focused on designing the website starting from the user flow and UI system. An important look was given to the distinction of the two different user possibilities of donation and membership.

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