Epoq IT

Brand identity and website redesign for a leading managed IT services provider.

Epoq IT needed to redesign their brand identity and the website, to give to it a new fresh touch, and making it simpler to use for the user. The pages needed to have a linear and easy structure so that Epoq IT’s staff would be able to create new pages without further help needed. An implementation with Hubspot platform was necessary as well, for the marketing material.

As a leading Managed IT Services Provider, Epoq IT builds long-term relationships with businesses that want their IT systems and technology to support their stability, growth and competitive edge. They specialise in helping organisations to achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance with services that span IT Strategy, IT Security, Continuity, and Support solutions using our proven processes.

Before starting with the website I have refreshed their brand identity. The logo was maintained but new typography was chosen to frame it. For the body I have chosen Source® Sans Pro, which is a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces and for headings I have chosen Montserrat. New shades of color where also chosen, maintaining the blue as a main color and having some lighter color shades as support.


After re-defining the visual identity, I focused on designing the new website, aimed at presenting the company and its technological solutions to potential customers and partners. An important look was given to the organisation of the many IT Services Epoq IT provide to his clients. This was achieved by creating an icon system and custom illustrations.

epoq it services home

Marketing Material

I have taken care of designing some of the marketing material including ebooks and factsheet for download, as well as some visual posts for LinkedIn.

SME ebook
epoq it pharma ebook
epoq it linkedin mockup
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