auf! auf! residency

Brand identity and website for an artist residency in Salzkammergut, Austria.

The curator team of Bad Ischl Theater came in touch with the need of developing a new concept for an art space. I worked closely with the client to create: naming, brand design, website, social media and physical assets.

As part of the renovation of the Lehartheater in Bad Ischl, Austria, a team of curators was asked to fill the currently vacant place with life and create a space for exchange and art. For this purpose, they decided to award 10 artist residencies to artists from different disciplines who are ready to enter into a dialogue with the history, present and possible future of the place with their work.

The identity develops from the name “auf! auf!”, which literally means “up! up!”, and takes its origin in one of the folks song that salt miners sang while working in the mines located in the Bad Ischl region. Both the logo construction and visual take inspiration from this aspect. For this project I have taken care of the identity and social media system, as well as the website design and development.


auf! auf! residency logo
apply now banner
auf auf website home
auf auf artist page
auf auf artist page mobile
auf auf press page

Social Media and offline material

Realisation of the offline and social media material for the promotion of the different artists and events.

auf auf residency instagram wall
auf auf poster
auf auf opening program
auf auf poster roswitha weingrill
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