ARrow is a concept for an app that playfully shows you around the city during events. The app does not only guide the user to the festival venues – it encourages him to look around, explore and search for hidden clues.

Via augmented reality a new layer of information gets unlocked and appears on everyday traffic signs throughout the city. Finding the way becomes an integral part of the festival and additional content could unlock even more then just directions.

The goal is to animate the user to get lost without getting lost and to create a fun narrative for the fundamental necessity of direction.

ARrow combines the use of a quick personal pathfinder with the joy to discover a new territory. The app scans inner city traffic signs and overlays them with directions regarding the festival’s venues.

Each venue has a different color and generates an arrow pointing in it`s direction. The size indicates the distance between visitor and venue. The closer you get to a venue, the bigger the designated arrow becomes. By scanning a traffic sign the app generates every arrow according to the visitors location and orientation in a three dimensional way.

The app switches between night and day venues, in order to show directions only for currently open locations.

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