I am a multidisciplinary designer and art director mainly working in the digital field.

My practice specialises in developing visual and web solutions for clients within the fields of art, design, culture and commerce, while supporting projects with socio-political and environmental context. Services extend across all formats with a focus on branding, web matter and exhibition design.

In 2020 I founded pigro.studio with Stefano Cerelli for developing digital art experiences and for deepen my studies about the contrast between virtual and tangible matter.

Collaborations: cringe.studio, kosmo architektur

I studied
Graphic and Virtual Design at Politecnico di Torino 2009–2013 (Bachelor) and Digital Art at the University of Applied arts Vienna 2019–2021 (Master of Arts).

worked at
a variety of studios and art collectives in Italy, Austria and the UK, such as: BPNXT (Vienna), Neon Golden (Vienna), Studio Es (Vienna), Future in my left Shoe (Vienna / Hamburg), Cringe Studio (Milan).

for clients such as
CIVA Festival, Freeda Media, Vienna Tourist Board, WKO Chamber of Commerce Vienna, Cringe Studio, Grassfish Marketing Technologies, Epoq IT, Kosmo + Architektur, Studio Es, Vetter & Partner, Keen on Mag.

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